Dive – Saint Etienne

Music Promo

Pop Promo for Dive from the album Home Counties by Saint Etienne.

Dive is such a summery song, and when I first heard it I was reminded of days at the seaside, with fish & chips and milkshakes. I chose to shoot the video in Scarborough, because many of the locations and features I loved there as a child are still intact: the ice-cream parlours, the funicular railway, the (now derelict) Futurist theatre, the signs. These features also link with another of my loves as a filmmaker: French New Wave cinema of the late 1950s and 1960s. The song’s immediacy and in-the-moment-ness suggested that the video’s story should take place in a single day. The boy visits the girl from across the sea; they spend the day together; they part. The various recurring motifs were inspired partly by my own memories, partly by the New Wave, and partly by the history and iconography of Saint Etienne.” – Esther Johnson

Directed, Produced, Edited by Esther Johnson
Cinematography by Mary Farbrother
Additional Camera by Esther Johnson

Starring Rosa Sanchez-Johnson and Jae Harwood

Grade / Online: Lem

Copyright Heavenly Recordings