Homer – Film Trailer

This trailer is for my short film, Homer. If it inspires you to watch the film you can do so by using this link


Trailer Director: Richard Butterworth

Film Director: James Berridge (JNB Films)

Producer: Verity Wislocki (Wislocki Films)

Screenwriter: Adam Russ

Actors: Cian Barry & Antonia Thomas (As well as Homer the Pigeon)

Film Editor: Tristram Giff (Natural Born Films)

D.O.P. Leon Willis

Composer: James Jones

Dubbing Mixer: Adam Smyth (Soho Square Studios)

Colourist: Jack Jones (Roundtable Films)

VFX: Lem

Massive thanks to everyone involved in the making of Homer, far too many thanks to mention on here, but you know who you are!